At the 2019 International Builders’ Show (IBS), Ply Gem Building Products launched its Western Extreme siding and EZ Column Wrap with stone veneer.

The Western Extreme siding, available through the company’s Mastic brand of products, is engineered to take on wild western weather, including infrared light, low humidity, and rapid temperature changes. Its added design strength and interlocking panels provide added protection in harsh weather. Advanced polymers and special additives direct intense infrared rays away from homes and protect against high temperatures, rapid temperature changes, and overly dry air found in mountain climates. The product also offers ultraviolet protection utilizing specially formulated pigments that protect rich colors against high heat.

“Western Extreme is a brand new technology that we are introducing that is formulated to just perform its absolute best in high altitudes and specifically [in] areas of the country where the temperature [has] wild swings,” said John Stephenson, vice president of creative & content, Ply Gem Building Products, at IBS 2019.

The product comes in five color options: Desert Sand, Silver Grey, Victorian Grey, White, and Wicker.

Ply Gem also showcased its Durata EZ Column Wrap in stone veneer. The product is designed with ease of installation in mind, as no mortar is required to beautify an ordinary column or post. The estimated installation time is 10 to 15 minutes.

It is designed to wrap around 4-inch X 4-inch, 6-inch X 6-inch and, if you remove foam an 8-inch X 8-inch post or column. The Durata EZ Column Wrap, which was first launched in August 2018, comes with construction adhesive between column sections and capstone.

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