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Cultivating a Culture of Effective Closers in Sales

‘The modern buyer is bombarded with an array of choices, leading to what is... More

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Horton to Realtors: We’ve Got Your Back Despite NAR Settlement

Chairman of D.R. Horton vows to work with brokerages ‘regardless of what direction... More

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IBS 2024: What Makes a Great Sales Leader and a Great Sales Hire?

From training and development to actively recruiting during good business periods,... More

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Why Builders Have Positive Outlooks for the Spring Selling Season

Demographics, pent-up demand, and cycle time normalization have builders feeling... More

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IBS 2024: Leveraging the Power of Brand and Storytelling

Storytelling can promote retention and build culture with the current workforce... More

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IBS 2024: How the Sales Team Can Help Buyers Overcome Fear

By shifting focus away from fear and transferring confidence to buyers, Ryan Taft... More

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IBS 2024: How to Master Video Content for Social Media Success

Marketing and business expert Tom Houghton provides his top tips for creating... More

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How to Sell More Houses in 2024

Reinforcing the fundamentals as well as always closing sitting down can help sales... More

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IBS 2024: Sales and Marketing Strategies for Every Step of the Customer Journey

Carol Morgan shares the importance of a full-funnel, omnichannel approach and... More

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