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Innovative Construction Is Getting Codes to Match

Ryan Colker, International Code Council vice president of innovation, talks... More

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Colorado Bill May Force New Homes in Wildfire-Prone Areas to Adhere to State Codes

A forthcoming controversial bill could create a board that would tell local... More

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How Customized Building Codes Can Improve Climate Resiliency

Amid accelerating global warming, the housing industry faces the need to implement... More

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Washington Building Code Council Votes to Require Heat Pumps in New Construction

The decision could help the state further reduce carbon emissions by electrifying... More

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Survey Examines the Building Code Enforcement Process

JLC asked their readers to weigh in on the building code enforcement process in... More

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Utah Commission Approves Energy-Efficient Building Code

Now off to the state Legislature, the proposed housing code could reduce C02... More

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Fireproofing Homes Isn't Very Expensive

Although many Western states lack required wildfire-resistant building codes, a... More

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Federal Officials Launch National Initiative to Advance Building Codes

The initiative aims to improve building codes for disaster resilience. More

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All-Electric Construction Conversations Continue in Utah

As natural gas’ advantage gap begins to close, all-electric construction... More

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