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New Building Material Could Help Homes Regulate Their Temperature

About 35% of a building’s energy goes to heating, cooling, and ventilation. This... More

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Grassroots Development Builds Hempcrete House for Research

Two new homes, one of traditional framing and insulation, and one of hempcrete,... More

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How To Ventilate Homes in Humid Climates

Here's pros and cons of six systems designed to keep indoor air fresh, dry, and... More

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‘Our Competitor Is the Status Quo’: How Agorus Plans to Transform the Construction Industry

Founded by Garrett Moore and Kyle Tompane, prefab startup Agorus aims to combat... More

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U.S. Green Building Council Announces Recipients of 2022 LEED Homes Awards

The awards recognize LEED projects, builders, and developers committed to... More

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Clayton Unveils Net-Zero Home at Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders Meeting

The net-zero project is also part of Clayton’s larger commitment to social... More

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Century Communities Partners With Diamond Age to Construct Homes Using Robotics

The partnership will 3D-print 72 homes in the Phoenix metro area for the company's... More

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Habitat for Humanity, University of Montana Partner to Build 3D-Printed Homes

The partnership follows recent 3D printing efforts by Habitat for Humanity... More

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Iowa State University Receives Funding to Purchase 3D Printer for Low-Cost Home Building

The college will also work to develop a curriculum to train contractors on 3D... More

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