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Onx Homes' New X+ Construction Systems Factory Can Produce Four Homes Daily

The new facility in Pompano Beach, Florida, has the ability to build over 1,200... More

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This Resilient Building System Stacks Like Real-Life Legos

As natural disasters worsen, RENCO USA’s ‘Lego-like’ buildings could lessen... More

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'Not Every Builder Will Have a Degree in Toxicology'

Builders are making progress on net-zero homes. Now it's time to look at supply... More

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Passive Building a Proactive Way to Deliver on Energy Efficiency

A passive house can provide higher indoor air quality and lower maintenance... More

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Massachusetts Ranks No. 1 for Most HERS-Rated New Homes in 2022

The trends report from RESNET shares that 82% of new Massachusetts homes for 2022... More

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Teaching the Science of a Better Building

Building performance expert Peter Yost offers a glimpse of what he’ll share on... More

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Mighty Buildings Opens New Factory to Scale U.S. Production of Its 3D-Printed Homes

The construction technology company has taken the next step in scaling the... More

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New Building Material Could Help Homes Regulate Their Temperature

About 35% of a building’s energy goes to heating, cooling, and ventilation. This... More

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Grassroots Development Builds Hempcrete House for Research

Two new homes, one of traditional framing and insulation, and one of hempcrete,... More

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