Courtesy Lightology

Lighting manufacturer Lightology has introduced two new products that mimic the look of natural sunlight.

The company's new Tunable White LED strip lighting brings the beauty of the rising and setting sun into a home, controlled by the turn of a dial. Homeowners can create a wide range of moods within a room at the touch of a button—from bright, cheerful 4K (which mimics full daylight) to warm, cozy 2K (which resembles the warm tones of sunrise and sunset), the firm says. This technology gives consumers total lighting control over their interior environment to achieve a range of lighting scenes, from twilight in the middle of the afternoon to bright midday sun a midnight.

In addition, the company's new CoeLux 45 LC LED artificial skylight offers a realistic reproduction of natural light. Advanced optical systems and nano-materials within the fixture produce an LED “sun” that rests in a blue “sky,” both appearing at an endless distance. A swath of artificial sunlight shines into the room from the ceiling at a 45-degree angle, casting sharp, blue-toned shadows that mimic the effects of daylight.

“This is the evolution of lighting—now we can replicate the sun,” explains Lightology founder Greg Kay. “These two incredible technologies mimic the effects of sunlight in its most beautiful moments.”