10 New and Cool Products from PCBC

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    Andersen Windows and Doors
    The manufacturer has partnered with Honeywell on VeriLock, a system that allows security alarms to alert homeowners if their windows or doors are unlocked. Once only available on its Eagle brand, the technology is now being expanded to the company’s new E Series. www.andersenwindows.com.

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    BOK Modern
    The manufacturer's laser-cut metal system Panels can be used for balcony railings, stair panels, wall screens, fences, green screens, gates, and more. Products are made from aluminum or cold rolled steel and given a three-coat powder finish. www.bokmodern.com.

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    Boral Roofing
    The company’s new Class 4 hail-rated Storm Series roofing can withstand sequential 2-inch ice ball impacts at speeds up to 104 feet per second. It’s the only U.S.-made concrete roof product with such a rating, the company says. www.boralroof.com.

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    General Woodcraft
    ClimateShield consists of an ipe wood siding that incorporates a pre-designed clip system. The product is versatile enough to be installed vertically, horizontally, and diagonally, and can be used in residential and commercial projects. Wood siding options include ipe, cumaru, garapa, and machiche. www.generalwoodcraftinc.com.

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    The Collins Co.
    TruWood is an engineered wood product designed to withstand weather and decay. The self-aligning1/2-inch lap siding shown here makes it easier to install and saves on installation time and labor costs. The self-aligning feature is standard in Channel Rustic and Cottage Lap patterns, as well as Cedar Shake. www.collinsco.com.

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    Foundry Services & Supplies
    Pictura is a fiber cement reinforced composite exterior cladding made from Portland cement, mineral fillers, organic fibers, additives, a water-based acrylate coating on the face, and a vinylidene chloride copolymer coating with paraffin wax. It’s available in a variety of colors. www.foundryservice.com.

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    Invisible Structures
    Grasspave2 performs the functions of asphalt or concrete pavement while offering the aesthetics of a lawn. The porous pavement system allows you to park, drive, walk, ride, or lounge on a grass surface. It offers load-bearing strength but protects vegetation root systems from compaction. The product is made in 3.3-foot-by-3.3-foot units. www.invisiblestructures.com.

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    Soda Glass
    The manufacturer’s line of back-painted architectural glass can be fabricated for use in almost any application. Products are durable, nonporous, and easy to install with no grout lines. Available in a variety of colors, standard sheets measure 84 inches by 130 inches in a variety of thicknesses. www.sodaglassusa.com.

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    Simpson Strong-Tie Co.
    The new Strong Frame moment frame is a lateral system solution for residential, multi-family, or light commercial applications. In a large seismic or wind event, the setup bears the brunt of lateral forces, keeping the structural integrity of the beams and columns. It requires no welding and is available in spans up to 24 feet. www.strongtie.com.

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    Portal Doors and Partitions
    This line of sliding and swinging doors is a nice way to add a modern touch to your interiors. Doors can be made from anodized or lacquered aluminum, melamine veneer, and a variety of glass options. www.portaldoors.com.

The annual PCBC show, taking place this week in San Francisco’s Mascone Center, may not have the largest collection of products, but good selections are there if you look hard enough. Also, its location in the home building industry’s trend-setting state makes it a good place to spot innovations likely to end up in homes across the country.

PCBC 2012 is decidedly smaller, but we spent the day walking the floor and spotted some cool innovations that range from a new rainscreen system to an aluminum and glass interior door system.

Here are 10 products that caught our eye.

Nigel F. Maynard is a senior editor at Builder.

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