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Bathrooms are one of the most frequently used spaces in a house, and today’s homeowners want a room that makes them feel rejuvenated. To help identify which products, styles, and trends they prefer, released its Bathroom Trends Report 2023.

“At the moment, bathroom design is following a sophisticated design direction,” says Nicole White of Florida-based Nicole White Designs. “It's all about stone and fine materials, but with a modern twist. It is likely that we will see an increase in investments in bathroom fixtures and fittings in 2023. The daily grind demands that people feel pampered.”

The home improvement website surveyed 62 industry experts like White and uncovered spending habits, design trends, and top priorities. See below for six takeaways from the report.

1. Owners are willing to spend more on bathroom remodels this year. Overall, 71% of surveyed experts believe that people are willing to spend more on a bathroom remodel in 2023 than they have in previous years. Fifty-two percent believe people will be willing to spend slightly more, while 19% believe people would be willing to pay much more.

2. Functionality and aesthetics drive bathroom remodels. The three main reasons behind bathroom remodels in 2023 are aesthetics (52%), improve functionality (52%), and improve home value (48%). Thirty-two percent also mentioned the deterioration of the current space as another reason why people may want to remodel.

3. Natural materials and backlit mirrors are top bathroom design choices. Incorporating wood-look and natural materials was voted the biggest bathroom trend in 2023, according to 50% of experts surveyed, while 47% of experts also think that backlit mirrors will be popular. Additionally, patterned tile, textured tile, and wall coverings are thought to be popular by 36% of experts.

4. Homeowners no longer want glass block or “Hollywood-style” lighting. When it comes to trends that will be losing popularity this year, glass block—used for windows and dividing walls—leads the way, according to 60% of experts. Hollywood-style lighting—or a row of light bulbs across the mirror—is also one of the least popular trends according to 56% of experts.

5. Shower tiles, cabinets, and wallpaper will add the color. Color in the bathroom is predicted to be more prevalent this year, with 59% of experts thinking it will be the most popular when used in the shower with shower tiles. Cabinets and wallpaper for the whole bathroom will also be popular, according to 41% of experts.

6. Showers are homeowners’ priority upgrade. Sixty-five percent of experts think that the shower will be the biggest priority for homeowners when it comes to most remodels, followed by vanity at 44%, the room's layout at 43%, and fixtures at 40%.

Check out additional findings from the Bathroom Trends Report 2023 on their website.