In my past role as an executive team member for a large home builder I was often asked to participate in interviewing potential job candidates. After having to sit through dozens of interviews over many years for positions ranging from office assistants to division presidents, I developed a strategy to evaluate the potential success of a candidate. My process involves asking on-target questions to find out more about the person's abilities.


Below are a set of questions that can be used for different positions to help interviewers determine an applicant's strengths and weaknesses and to know whether he or she would be right for your company. Click on the job title below for a set of questions related to that field.

1. Questions for any role

2. Division President

3. Operations Manager

4. Construction Manager

5. Sales Manager

6. Warranty Manager

7. Accounting Manager

8. Purchasing Manager / Estimating

9. Field Manager/Superintendent

10. Sales Person

11. Closing Coordinator