Today we begin the rollout of home building’s most-anticipated rankings with the Next 100, our premier listing of the top 101 to 200 U.S. home builders. This year, 19 new companies appeared on the list, which ranks home builders based on closings. These up-and-coming firms didn't appear on the list last year, but closed enough homes to be added this year.

The past few years have been ones of growth for many builders around the country as the demand for new homes grow, and the competition to get on the list was more fierce this time around, with a threshold of 175 closings, compared with 150 in 2016.

All of the list's new companies are listed below and ranked by closing:

Builder No. of closings
Impression Homes 408
Geonerco Group 297
Garrett Walker Homes 293
Boulder Creek Neighborhoods 249
Camden Homes 229
Berks Homes 228
Our Country Homes 219
Greenstone Homes 214
Riverwood Homes 212
Mandalay Homes 207
Pratt & Associates 207
Bonadelle Neighborhoods 205
Robert Thomas Homes 191
Legacy Homes of Alabama 189
Homes by Dickerson 188
Pacific Communities Builder 187
Garman Homes 186
StyleCraft Homes 180
Silverstone Residential 176

Click here for the entire Next 100 list.