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Market Snapshot: Portland Lags U.S. Housing Market

Amid rising starts and inventory, Portland’s housing market faces significant... More

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Mortgage Rates Climb Toward 7% Amid Persistent Inflation

The sustained level of elevated inflation is keeping mortgage rates in the high 6s... More

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Data to Watch This Spring: Housing Supply, Jobs, and Consumer Confidence

Economists share the important indicators and trends that will help gauge the... More

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Inflation Rises in March, Likely Delaying Fed Rate Cut

The Consumer Price Index has increased 3.5% over the last 12 months, according to... More

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Market Snapshot: Washington, D.C., Adjusts to Rates With Steady New-Home Sales

Challenges loom with rising housing costs and shifts in residential preferences. More

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Fannie Mae: Households Adjusting to Higher Mortgage Rates

Consumers have more pessimistic views toward mortgages, though attitudes around... More

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Navigating the ‘Bananas’ Housing Market of 2024

Strategies for staying ahead in an unpredictable housing landscape. More

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Fed Holds Steady for Fifth Consecutive Time

The Federal Reserve Open Market Committee indicated it still anticipates executing... More

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Market Outlook: Public Builders Eye Growth and Expansion in 2024

Through community count growth, organic expansion, and M&A, public builders are... More

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