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Your home builder blog headline, more than any other aspect of your blog (style, content, visuals, and conversion points), will determine how successful you are in converting copy to contracts. A high impact headline compels potential buyers to click through from the search engines to your blog and introduces them to your product.

A successful headline will:

  • Rank well in search engines for high volume keywords

  • Attract traffic from search engines to your website

  • Attract high quality traffic to your website (low bounce rate, higher page views and time on site)

  • Convert traffic to new leads

  • Increase return visits to website from existing leads

  • Convert existing leads to sales office visits

  • Promote engagement and referrals through social sharing

So what’s the secret to writing compelling blog headlines that earn the click? Here’s six different elements of blog titles that attract more traffic, convert more leads, and bring existing prospects back to your website again and again:


First, last, and foremost your title should contain, and preferably start with, a keyword that is relevant to your audience. Keywords are the online equivalent of a well-placed billboard. It puts your message in front of thousands of potential buyers every month.

Write This: Dallas New Homes: Grand Opening This Weekend at The Glen

Not That: New Model Homes Opening This Weekend at the Glen

The second version might be effective for an audience of prospects that already know you who are, what you sell, and are interested in your product (always good). The first one opens up your message to a wider audience of people looking for (in this case) Dallas new homes. Keyword rich SEO titles help you reach existing and new prospects with every blog post.


Buyers turn to the internet today for information, so customer-centric home builder blog headlines that solve a specific buyer problem are more likely to earn the click from search engines than marketing messages focused on your product.

Write This: Akron Home Builders: 5 Things to Look for in Your First Home

Not That: Our Homes Are The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread: Here’s Why

The first message combines good SEO practices with relevant information for someone looking for a new home. SEO rich headlines with an educational aspect are one of the highest performing types of home builder blog titles when it comes to attracting quality website traffic that converts.

Easy to Read

Another customer-centric writing approach is to respect your reader’s time. Your buyers are faced more available information than they can read. Write blog headlines that tell potential buyers that you are providing information that is relevant to their situation, easy to understand, and immediately actionable.

Write This: 8 Simple Credit Fixes First Home Buyers in CA Can Start Today

Not That: How Credit Works: A 100 Year History

Use the who, what, when where and why approach to narrow your message down to the exact audience that is most likely to click through to your website and convert to a lead. You will produce a higher conversion rate by writing blog posts that are laser focused on a specific audience (first time buyers, first move up, retirees) than trying to reach every possible home buyer with each post.


Do a search for new homes in your area on Google and read the titles of each of the results on page one. Chances are, you’re in for a real snoozefest—and so is your buyer. Stand out with urgency driven headlines that create excitement.

Write This: San Diego Luxury Condominiums: Phase Sellout at The Tower

Not That: New Condominiums Now Selling at The Tower

People have a natural inclination to go where the action is. The first version combines good SEO practices with an urgency message that encourages buyers to click through and find out more.


Pick up any magazine, watch any commercial, read any ad: it’s all about inspiration. How to be happier, sexier, more successful or more fit. Although the methods of how people consume information may have shifted online, the inspirational how-to is still an effective tool to grab the attention of buyers.

Write This: How to be a Smarter Seattle New Home Shopper

Not That: Come and See Our New Models This Weekend

Write a blog title that helps buyers feel more informed and confident in their home buying decision and you’ll earn both the click and a position as a trusted resource.

Character Limit

Search engines typically see about 60-65 character of your headline, so anything more than that is not seen by people looking for homes online. Say it clearly, say it succinctly, and pack the punch in less than 60 characters:

Write This: Miami Beach Luxury Condos Feature Limited Time Incentives

Not That: Join the Hip and Happening Scene of Beautiful People at The Towers in Miami Beach with Special Incentives That Are Only Available This Weekend

Although the second version has excitement, the headline does not mention condos or incentives until after the 60th character. The part that is visible in the search engines ("Join the Hip and Happening Scene of Beautiful People") could be selling anything from bikinis to martinis to the latest club opening. This produces a lower quality of traffic and will result in a higher bounce rate and lower conversions than the more targeted first version.

Now it’s Your Turn.

Take a look at your last 10 or 20 blog headlines. Do they include keywords, problem solving, readability, urgency, inspiration and an SEO friendly character limit? Try these 6 simple steps for high impact headlines that attract more traffic, leads, sales, and referrals.

Dawn Sadler is the founder of Builder Target and a specialist in home builder online marketing.

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