Courtesy Clayton Homes

Clayton Homes is one of the rare few builders that has established product, land strategy, operational scale and process, and marketing focus on the lower rungs of the price ladder for new homes and communities.

Now, as market-rate players work to remove financial and personal risk from their strategies, Clayton is unleashing a national marketing, advertising, branding, and sales push aimed to both fuel desire and remove friction from the path of would-be millennial and baby boomer home buyers.

Clayton’s “Prefabulous” campaign answers a question that has hovered over the home building landscape since the re-emergence of off-site factory construction, fabrication, and assembly as an operational bulwark, at least in theory: Can it be compelling to consumers in quality, design, and price, and profitable to builders?

This campaign, backed by Clayton Homes’ parent Berkshire Hathaway, is a big investment in “Yes, it can.”

Having spent the past few years transforming itself into a fully hybridized off-site-on-site builder, Clayton is about to unleash a full-on blitz in its effort to become America’s undisputed No. 1 home builder.

While Clayton’s relentless point of focus is consumer centric—mostly those who’ve been left behind during a protracted, discretionary single-family for-sale recovery that began after the Great Recession—its own team members figure prominently in telling the story of the firm’s commitment to care about customer experience.

“This is a great moment in time, especially for what’s been called the ‘manufactured housing industry,’” says Kevin Clayton, CEO of Clayton Homes. “Just as we’ve become more effective at helping to create and leverage more modern, innovative building practices, and produce more cutting-edge designs, with steep-pitched roofs, permanent foundations, porches, garages, and other features, we’ve got an opportunity to help more people with homeownership.”

Clayton recently launched a nationwide television advertising campaign that touts not just price, but also quality, design appeal, and a great customer experience to hit potential customers with both motivation and inspiration.

New affordable housing finance initiatives introduced recently by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac qualify buyers of homes produced off-site in factories for financing, appraisals, and valuations on-par with stick-built homes, which opens the door to homeownership for more potential buyers.

“Before now, there was no way for a potential customer to be able to take advantage of operational and purchasing scale for construction they could afford if it wasn’t in a master planned community,” says Clayton, adding that with the homes in this new campaign, “we’ll be able to deliver to just about anywhere in the country. Democratizing housing, if you think about it, is a goal we should be focused on."