Building Codes

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Passive Building a Proactive Way to Deliver on Energy Efficiency

A passive house can provide higher indoor air quality and lower maintenance... More

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Innovative Construction Is Getting Codes to Match

Ryan Colker, International Code Council vice president of innovation, talks... More

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Looking Ahead to the 2024 IRC

Glenn Matheson previews upcoming changes to the model residential building code,... More

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Colorado Bill May Force New Homes in Wildfire-Prone Areas to Adhere to State Codes

A forthcoming controversial bill could create a board that would tell local... More

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How Customized Building Codes Can Improve Climate Resiliency

Amid accelerating global warming, the housing industry faces the need to implement... More

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Washington Building Code Council Votes to Require Heat Pumps in New Construction

The decision could help the state further reduce carbon emissions by electrifying... More

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Breaking Down the Inflation Reduction Act—and Its Potential Costs for Builders

What will the IRA mean for your business and bottom line? Here are the possibilities. More

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Best Practices and Considerations for Building Homes in Cold Climate Regions

Snow loads, ice dams, and insulation are top concerns when building in areas prone... More

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Dallas Development Services Rolls Out Rapid Single-Family VIP Program

For qualifying projects, the appointment-based program can help builders get their... More

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