Smart lock maker Lockly is offering two new editions of its flagship smart lock, the Duo and the Guard, first introduced at CES 2021.

The new Duo lock incorporates both a latch and a deadbolt, which lock and unlock together in a single motion. The Guard, designed for homes, offices, hotels, and rental units, is designed to fit both sliding and swing-style doors with aluminum or metal door frames, and features an optional built-in radio-frequency identification (RFID) card reader for access.

Like previous Lockly products, both the Duo and Guard feature its proprietary PIN Genie touchscreen, which changes the arrangements of numbers every time the entry PIN is entered. Users can control their Lockly Duo or Guard through either the app for iOS and Android or the new Access Portal System, a property management interface for management of up to 1,000 individual locks. Both systems allow for auto lock settings, eKey creation, and access logs.

“We want Lockly to be a part of everyone’s smart ecosystem, and now more than ever those ecosystems are expanding from multiple doors in the home into businesses and even rental properties. There will never be a single smart lock that fits every consumer’s need, so we constantly challenge ourselves to listen to our customers and create new solutions that still embody Lockly’s DNA and commitment to security,” says Jeff Pouliot, head of sales. “With Duo and Guard, we allow more consumers than ever to find the perfect smart lock for their needs, and the Lockly Access Portal provides an enterprise solution beyond the individual lock.”

Additional features include offline access codes, which allow users to access the locks without an app or internet connection, and a 3D biometric fingerprint sensor. When paired with the Secure Link WiFi Hub, users can also connect the lock to popular voice assistants or control or monitor the lock from anywhere in the world.

Pricing for the Duo starts at $399.99, and pricing for the Guard starts at $499.99.

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