Sound Pod The MZC/iPod interface kit allows the homeowner's Apple iPod to become an audio source that can be distributed throughout the home using the maker's MZC-66 six-zone six-source audio/video switcher. The kit features a naviPod that receives infrared commands, an infrared emitter, a miniplug for the audio connection, a remote control, and four iPod keypad buttons. SpeakerCraft. 800.448.0976.

Total Control The HomeSettings Professional series of home lighting

Courtesy Intermatic and environmental controls allows the homeowner to monitor and manage lights, security, HVAC, entertainment, major appliances, and more. Three different wall-mounted controllers, a hand-held remote control, wireless PIR sensor, contactor module, and wall/dimmer switches are available. Intermatic. 815.675.7043. Candid Camera Utilizing standard Category 5 wire to deliver video images, audio, and power, two Home Camera Kits include all necessary components in one package. Each kit contains two residential cameras, camera mounting plates, a Category 5 camera module, RCA patch cord, power supply, and a one-channel modulator. Greyfox Home Systems. 877.473.9369.

Switched On

Courtesy HAI HAI Lighting Control light switches and controllers are designed to integrate with other UPB-compatible controllers or for stand-alone use. The six-button room controller allows scenes to be set and selected while the house controller monitors the status and control of the home's lights. HAI. 800.229.7256. Theater Quality The HT-L970 home theater system adds DVD video and

Courtesy Onkyo surround sound to any video display, and is designed to complement flat-panel displays. The system consists of a 6.1-channel surround receiver, progressive-scan six-disc DVD changer, 150-watt subwoofer, and six extruded aluminum speakers. The components come in a titanium and silver finish. Onkyo. 800.229.1687. Adjustable Advantage CinemaGear universal projector mounts are compatible with most LCD and DLP home theater projectors. The two models rotate, tilt, and swivel in any direction. The extended mount offers even more range of motion. Vantage Point. 800.582.9595.

Courtesy Vantage Point Home Monitor The Home Heartbeat system monitors and delivers updates on ordinary home systems and devices, such as the status of doors and windows, appliances, and problems such as leaks and flooding. The system's sensors relay updates to the portable base station, which communicates wirelessly with a keyfob carried by the homeowner. Eaton Corp. 800.813.2199.

All-in-One Utilizing the ELK-M1 cross platform control system, the JetPak home automation system provides control of security, lighting, HVAC, and automation in one package. A wide array

Courtesy Eaton Corp. of lighting control options is possible, from scene settings to timed events. The thermostat control features three stages of heating and two stages of cooling. CentraLite Systems. 877.466.5483. Secure Connection Offering on-site or remote Web-based management and alarm event notification of a home's systems and components, the PremisesConnect application monitors and controls security, safety, lighting, home networking, access, HVAC, CCTV, and more. Homeowners personalize notifications, identifying what events they want to be notified of—such as children arriving home—and receive them via e-mail, text message, or telephone. GE Security. 800.777.5484.