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In a recent survey by coUrbanize, people younger than 50 are more supportive of new housing development than respondents older than 50. In addition, half of survey respondents younger than 50 think that more transit-oriented housing would increase affordability compared with 32% of respondents older than 50.

Forty-five percent of the younger group also believe that market-rate housing would increase affordability in their neighborhood compared with 28% of those older than 50. Both groups view workforce housing equally, with 42% agreeing it increases affordability.

In keeping with their positivity for development, the younger group of respondents (57%) is more likely to believe they can have an impact on the creation of affordable housing than those older than 50 (51%). However, this group is less likely to attend a public meeting regarding a new development project or plan. In the past year, half had attended an in-person or virtual meeting compared with 61% of respondents older than 50.

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