Focus 360 has taken the next step in its virtual reality offerings with Multipoint VR architectural visualization, which made its debut at the International Builders’ Show in Orlando, Florida in January. This new virtual reality experience allows users, including prospective home buyers, to view an unbuilt home from multiple perspectives with natural movement transitions.

Unlike single-point virtual reality, which makes use of one VR camera in each room, Multipoint VR uses up to nine cameras in a room and connects those views with point-and-click transitions that emulate natural room-to-room movement through a model home.

This visualization can be viewed on a number of devices and controlled in a multitude of ways, ranging from point-and-click movement on a desktop computer to touch and motion controls on a tablet or smartphone. For the full virtual reality experience, users can select the “Stereo Viewing” function on the visualization and slide their smartphone into a virtual reality headset.

According to Steve Ormonde, president and founder of Focus 360, virtual reality models of unbuilt floor plans allow builders to save time and money in the construction cycle, and to receive a return on their investment in floor plan design.

“Builders are coming to us either when they’re going to presell a project way out in advance of something being constructed, or if they only have one or two model homes but offer a number of floor plans,” Ormonde said at the International Builders’ Show. “We’ll take the CAD information for each of those plans, we’ll build the computer model, and then we’ll deliver it through the web link. And then at the point of sale or at their website, they’ll allow their buyers to actually tour those homes without having to physically walk through them.”

His future goals for Focus 360’s service include customizable virtual reality environments, in which the user would be able to change the color of a feature or make other changes, as well as real-time virtual reality environments.

Examples of Focus 360’s Multipoint VR environments are available for viewing at .

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