Home builders are starting to reap benefits from Builder MT’s Business Process Management (BPM) software, a tool the software vendor rolled out two years ago that lets companies custom-build automated workflow processes.

Eastwood Homes, a mid-sized builder based in Charlotte, N.C., has written dozens of processes and has even posted many of the applications on a portal that employees can access over the Web.

Justin Myers, Eastwood’s vice president of sales, says the builder got started with BPM 18 months ago. While the company has had Builder MT’s ­purchasing system, Timberline accounting software, and Builder 1440’s sales software installed, it still would run reports in ­Microsoft Access and manually key the data into Timberline.

One company report tracks every stage of a project, from the number of units sold to the age of the homes and where each house is in the construction cycle. Each time the report was run, an administrator had to go into Access, run the report, print it out, make copies, and then physically distribute them to the company’s managers. Now, a process written in BPM runs reports automatically every Tuesday morning at 8 a.m. and e-mails them to the appropriate managers.

Eastwood has also automated its builder reserve process, which a supervisor runs when a home is completed. At the end of construction, the application lets the project super look at all the open purchase orders and review the budget. The super then simply approves the open P.O.s and the information is streamed into Timberline Accounts Payable for payment. B

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