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Keeping Your Company Out of Hot Water

Here's how to avoid debt from causing your company's downfall. More

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Taxing Matters: Law Firm Navigates IRS Accounting Rule

The Completed Contract accounting method for large developments survived one court... More

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Choosing the Right Software Package: A Case Study

Learn how a North Carolina builder completed a (sometimes painful) year-long process to upgrade its construction management software. More

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A Builder's 911 Call

20 Clubs, started by the NAHB more than 15 years ago, unite builders and remodelers from all across the United States. In a confidential setting, members help each other do business better, share advice, and resolve crises. Here's a fly-on-the-wall look at an emergency meeting of a 20 Club.   More

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Success Story: Verity Homes Increases Net Profit by $300,000

North Dakota builder links multiple computer software systems to eliminate duplicated effort and speed up front- and back-end processes. More

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TRI Pointe's big deal and the 'lessons learned' ... Part Deux

In home building, as in many a field prone to manias and bubbles, a term like "lessons learned" is fraught. As money, land, and talent vector a manic geo-locational pursuit of what will work versus what will fail in a juiced-up mergers and acquisition deal flow, the term--fraught and freighted with irony as it is--arises again. It's M&A game on. Question is, have lessons been learned? More

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Tax Exemptions for NGBS Certified Buidings

New York state offers tax exemptions for NGBS certified buildings. More

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Builder MT Teams Up with Microsoft Dynamics

The collaboration will allow the two systems' workflow and accounting features to work as one fully integrated solution. More

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By the Numbers: Lennar Corp., Second Quarter 2012

Lennar Corp. reports significantly improved financial results for its second quarter. More

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