For the first time ever, American children are expected to live shorter lives than their parents. But, active communities can be a cure by supporting healthy and engaged children and families.

Organizations like the Center for Active Design are helping educate and provide design suggestions that are based on true evidence of improved emotional and physical health from better community design.

Which is exactly what is happening in the Henderson, Nevada community called Inspirada. The community offers literally dozens of opportunities for residents of the 85-acre community to connect with each other through outdoor and other shared activities, like taking walks on 35 miles of trails, shopping at the two farmers’ markets per month, yoga-ing together, or taking the kids to school. The community even has an online calendar marking new events and holiday celebrations that the residents can get involved in.

All of these amenities work together as a critically important part of “Where Tomorrow Lives,” The 2019 BUILDER KB Home ProjecKt, in its efforts to create a more healthy, sustainable way of life for tomorrow’s home buyers.

And, that’s exactly what today’s buyers want. As this chart from the Zillow Group Consumer Housing Trends Report 2018 shows, 47% of buyers find it extremely important to have a sense of community or belonging.

The report goes on to show that increased frequency of interactions with people in the community creates a stronger bond with the home and the neighborhood. Looking at the data from the report, 90% of homeowners who are close friends with a few neighbors report that they love their home. Likewise, 89% of those homeowners say they love their neighborhood.

As additional support to the value of community, of those who do not interact with neighbors, only 60% say they love their home, and the ones who love their neighborhood drops even lower, to 34%.

Inspirada has a lot of community features aimed at families. The Zillow Group report also shows that children have the ability to spark relationships between neighbors. For example, 78% of homeowners with children under age 18 at home say they are close friends with some neighbors or talk occasionally with them. Some homeowners have furry children that also help create bonds with neighbors.

Sharing the experience of the responsibilities of owning a dog through dog walks, dog parks or chasing down escaping dogs, provides commonalities within the community that build relationships. Thirty percent of homeowners with dogs say they’re close friends with some of their neighbors, compared to 25% of home owners who don’t have pets.

In this short video, John McLaury, the vice president of sales and marketing at KB Home, speaks about the community features that KB Home is putting at the forefront of “Where Tomorrow Lives.”

McLaury is promoting more of those features by focusing in on the tools that potential buyers respond to the best. The KB Home marketing team reaches buyers first using online resources, then with a more personal experience at the sales center. Zillow’s data supports that marketing approach, showing that 76% of new construction buyers used an online resource and 60% made use of the home builder or sales center to make the decision on a new home purchase.

With Inspirada currently at 5,000 homes and potential 8,500 total, there will be many more opportunities for buyers to experience the focal point of Where Tomorrow Lives – a strong community.

The home will be on display in January and February 2019, register now to be one of the first to experience Where Tomorrow Lives.