Marvin has announced a new, unified identity for all of its window and door products, including a new logo and product portfolio structure.

The Marvin Windows and Doors and Integrity Windows and Doors brands have been united and re-branded as Marvin, with all names and logos associated with Marvin Windows and Doors and Integrity Windows and Doors now retired. The new Marvin logo, pictured right, is a modern rework of the brand’s existing features, including a bold font and stylized yellow rose.

The company’s products are now organized into three collections, designed to help customers find the right solutions for their projects. The Signature Collection is the company’s most “aspirational” product category, and covers products previously known as Marvin Contemporary Studio, as well as the ongoing Marvin Ultimate and Marvin Modern series.

The Elevate Collection offers a balance of price and features, including products previously known as Integrity Wood-Ultrex. The Essential Collection is focused on accessible design and simple profiles, and includes products previously known as Integrity All-Ultrex.

“As people’s expectations of home change, we must also grow and evolve to bring beauty into the everyday while striving to simplify and enhance people’s lives,” Paul Marvin, CEO of Marvin, says in a statement to the press. “The changes we’re sharing today are exciting, including a new brand identity, but they’re a remodel. The foundation of our company – the people, exceptional quality and beautiful design of our products – all remain intact and stronger than ever.”

In tandem with the new brand strategy, Marvin has also committed to a number of internal initiatives designed around understanding what people need, how they live, and how best to design product around those needs. This includes the new in-house Marvin Design Lab, which develops new company approaches to innovation and human-centered design.

“The heart of Marvin has always been one of possibility, of designing for people,” said Paul Marvin. “A single brand expands on this possibility and allows us to use our expertise to make a positive impact on our customers' lives for years to come. The look and feel of the brand and collections may be changing, but the core of who we are – intentional, committed and caring – remains the same.”

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