Courtesy Viby Creative for Tri Pointe Homes

Famed interior designer Bobby Berk, best known from the Netflix series “Queer Eye,” and Tri Pointe Homes recently launched an exclusive collaboration that includes 10 design collections created exclusively by Berk for the home builder’s customers called The BB Edit.

Tri Pointe communities in Charlotte, North Carolina, as well as California’s Rancho Mission Viejo andd Winchester are the first to showcase the Berk-designed homes, with more model homes slated to be released in four more cities over the next year. By 2025, home buyers in all 15 metro areas Tri Pointe Homes serves will have access to The BB Edit designs.

“At Tri Pointe Homes, we are proud of the life-changing design options we deliver to customers across all price points and life stages,” says chief marketing officer Linda Mamet. “We are committed to helping our home buyers achieve their dream lifestyle. Collaborations, such as this one with Bobby Berk, give customers innovative and unique options to accomplish this result.”

To learn more about the partnership, BUILDER spoke with Mamet on the history of the relationship, what the current collaboration entails, how it benefits the company, and tips for other builders looking to work with celebrities.

When and how did Tri Pointe’s relationship begin with Bobby Berk?

The Tri Pointe Homes and Bobby Berk relationship first began in 2015, when we invited Bobby to collaborate on the design of The Responsive Home, a discovery lab for understanding the needs and wants of millennial home buyers, in partnership with BUILDER magazine. Located within the planned Inspirada community in Henderson, Nevada, the two concept homes, a 2,145-square-foot contemporary farmhouse and a 3,194-square-foot contemporary transitional featuring interior designs by Bobby, were unveiled during the NAHB International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas in January 2016.

Since then, we’ve collaborated with Bobby on more than 15 communities across the nation. It’s been a natural fit, as both of our premium brands are in the business of transforming lives.

How did the company go about pursuing him for further projects?

After the successful completion of The Responsive Home in 2015, our Las Vegas team, led by Klif Andrews, continued working with Bobby in select communities. This initial collaboration set the groundwork for a broader, multiyear partnership that has really taken shape leading up to today. Recognizing the value and impact of our initial projects, five additional Tri Pointe Homes’ division teams—including those in San Diego, Arizona, Washington, the D.C. metro area, and Austin—jumped at the opportunity to work with Bobby at communities in their regions. This expansion was not merely about increasing the number of neighborhoods, but also about deepening the integration of our shared values into the design of our homes. Bobby’s design choices accomplish this time and time again, and for that reason we’ve continued to grow this successful partnership. This level of collaboration with Bobby would not have been possible without the support of our division teams and the quality of work and strong relationships we enjoy with the entire Bobby Berk team.

Kara Mercer and Teressa Johnson for Tri Pointe Homes

Fast-forward to today, what does the current collaboration entail?

Bobby Berk x Tri Pointe Homes is a multiyear, exclusive collaboration that we announced in May 2023 and officially launched in January. It features 10 unique interior design collections, called The BB Edit, that range from Luxe Bohemian and New Mediterranean to Transitional Farmhouse and Serene Scandinavian.

Tri Pointe Homes’ first communities to showcase the Berk-designed homes this year are Heatherly in Rancho Mission Viejo, Luminary at Outlook in Winchester, and Context at Oakhurst in Charlotte. We plan on unveiling other model homes designed by Bobby in four more cities over the next year and expect to have The BB Edit designs offered to customers in all of the 15 metro areas we serve by 2025. Varying by community, new-home buyers will be able to choose between move-in-ready, turnkey homes with Bobby Berk-designed interiors, or have the option to select one of the 10 Bobby Berk collections and personalize their homes in one of our award-winning design studios.

With Bobby Berk x Tri Pointe Homes, home buyers are also able to purchase Bobby-selected furnishings showcased in model homes from The BB Edit designs.

How exactly does this impact your in-house design team?

Tri Pointe’s award-winning design studios have always aimed to inspire home buyers throughout the interior design selection process, generating significant incremental revenue for Tri Pointe that is in alignment with our construction cycle times while advancing the company as a premium lifestyle brand through leading-edge and life-changing design. Our exclusive collaboration with Bobby adds further optionality to the design studio to help home buyers confidently move forward with personalizing their new Tri Pointe home and elevate their design selections.

To that end, each of the 10 collections in The BB Edit bring together the key elements that go into creating a distinct style. With Tri Pointe’s design studio offerings featuring The BB Edit, home buyers can simply choose one of Bobby’s 10 curated collections and utilize it floor to ceiling—from cabinets, countertops, kitchen and bathroom backsplashes, and flooring materials down to details such as light fixtures, faucets, paint and more—or use a BB Edit design as inspiration to fully personalize their dream home.

The Style Finder quiz, a tool for home shoppers to help them define their unique design aesthetics guided by the expertise of Bobby, takes it a step further helping customers discover their own unique look among the collections. Whether new home buyers are interior design enthusiasts or total beginners, it makes the selection process in the design studio more engaging, educational, and satisfying.

How does a partnership like this benefit the company? Specifically, does it help with brand awareness and sales?

Certainly, access to Bobby’s large audience across the United States and multiple buyer demographics helps with overall brand awareness.

We’re always striving to bring our home buyers the best in design and well-being, and one of the many reasons we love collaborating with Bobby at Tri Pointe Homes is his expert way of illustrating the design principles we live by—everything from beautiful design that also makes life easier (what we call LiveAbility) to the connection between our interior and exterior spaces and the ways we can use design to positively impact our well-being (which we deliver through our LivingSmart program).

Like Bobby, we are in the business of transforming lives, and our exclusive collaboration is an ideal way to help home buyers confidently move forward with purchasing and personalizing their new Tri Pointe home whether they are in Los Angeles, Houston, Charlotte, or any of the other 15 markets Tri Pointe Homes builds in around the country. The home buyer demographic that follows Bobby closely mirrors our own homebuyer demographic—customers who are passionate about modern design and aesthetics as well as their well-being and, ultimately, the joys of being in the perfect community and home for them.

Our partnership should essentially lead to higher and faster home shopper conversion, increased option revenue within our construction timelines, and elevated customer satisfaction and referrals. It also significantly helps build brand awareness while elevating Tri Pointe’s reputation as a premium lifestyle brand in the minds of home buyers.

Kara Mercer and Teressa Johnson for Tri Pointe Homes

Although still new, how are consumers reacting to the Style Finder quiz and designs?

We’ve had a lot of positive interest in The BB Edit designs and a great reaction from customers on the Style Finder quiz. A personalized experience guided by the expertise of Bobby, the Style Finder quiz is a lead generation tool and another way for Tri Pointe Homes to elevate the customer experience by taking home buyers on a creative journey to find the style that fits them best.

By answering fun, Bobby-guided lifestyle and design preference questions like “where does your journey take you on a dream vacation?” and “what does your ideal room look like?,” the Style Finder will quickly reveal the customer’s BB Edit pick and unique design aesthetic. The results provide Tri Pointe Homes with valuable consumer insights while affording our customers with more information about what goes into the design style and Bobby’s personal inspiration behind the collection.

With 10 collections—from Bobby’s take on Classic Midcentury to Zen Sanctuary—there really is something to match almost everyone’s personality, taste, and lifestyle.

Do you have any advice or lessons learned for other builders looking to partner with celebrities?

If you’re going to partner with a celebrity, the best piece of advice I could give is to create an authentic partnership where values are aligned on both sides. In the case of Tri Pointe Homes and Bobby Berk, we’ve been working together very successfully for many years, so the announcement of our formal collaboration is both natural and credible to our audiences.

From the outset, this alignment has been more than coincidental—it reflects a shared commitment to excellence in design and a mutual passion for enhancing the lives of our customers. Our collaboration with Bobby has been meaningful in differentiating our premium lifestyle brand, helping to exceed our home buyers' expectations with innovative design and further establishing Tri Pointe Homes' market position.

As this multiyear collaboration grows, we’ll be sure to stay focused on offering exceptional design and experiences for our customers, guided by the vision and values that we share with Bobby.