Only 6 states out of 50 have made the 2012 IECC Effective, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Utah, Washington

According to the International Code Council (ICC), only a handful of states have implemented the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) as of October 2013. While the majority of states lag behind in implementation, more populous states with a larger chunk of the construction market tend to adopt new IECC measures first. With the aggressive 2015 IECC looming in the background, anticipate wider implementation of the 2012 IECC to snowball.

Do you know what the 2012 IECC mandates? Get out your pencil or pen and take our quiz below, then go to our results page to see how you measure up!

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 12.39.39 PM IECC_Quiz

1. The 2012 IECC Code has raised the bar on performance, and will be... 

a. approximately 30% more stringent than the 2006 version
b. approximately 15% more stringent than the 2006 version
c. approximately 30% more stringent than the 2009 version
d. approximately 25% more stringent than the 2003 version

2. Major changes for 2012 include...

a. removal of prohibition on envelope-equipment trade-offs
b. mandatory whole-house pressure test, more stringent duct leakage test, and DHW distribution system requirements
c. no change to fenestration prescriptive codes
d. rigid foam board no longer an acceptable insulation strategy for non-finished basements

3. Slab-on-grade requirements now include:

a. R-5 added to R-value for heated slab
b. R-10 for 2' in climate zones 4 and 5
c. R-10 for 4' in climate zones 6 through 8
d. all of the above

4. Maximum fenestration U-factor is now...?

a. 0.30 in all climate zones
b. 0.30 in climate zones 2-4 and 0.32 in climate zones 5-8
c. 0.40 in climate zone 2, 0.35 in climate zones 3-4, and 0.32 in climate zones 5-8
d. subject to NFRC requirements

5. There are new requirements for R-3 or better pipe insulation on most types of hot-water pipes.

a. true
b. false

6. 2012 IECC Section 401.3 Mandatory Requirement certificate on panel box must include...?

a. major component R-values
b. FSC certifications
c. U-factor, SHGC of Windows
d. both answers a & c

7. Under 2012 IECC Lighting equipment: 75% of lamps must be high-efficacy lamps, or 75% of lighting fixtures must be only high-efficacy lamps.?

a. true
b. false

8. Under the 2012 IECC, blower-door testing requirements are not mandatory. 

a. true
b. false

9.  2012 IECC blower-door test requirements mandate...?

a. only the 2009 threshold of 7 ach50
b. 5 ach50 for climate zones 1 and 2, and 3 ach50 for homes in all other zones
c. 3 ach50
d. 5 ach50

10. Under 2012 IECC, whole-house mechanical ventilation systems are required...

        a. in all homes
        b. in climate zones 5-8
        c. in climate zones 3-8, and some homes in climate zones 1-2
        d. in certain homes taking the prescriptive path

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