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When—Not If—Labor Shortages Reignite, Will You Be Ready?

Labor shortages and capacity constraints are pain points that have taken a... More

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Ideal Homes Looks to Push the Green Envelope

When Ideal Homes started building green 25 years ago, it was a lot easier to push the cost-savings envelope. More

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ClareHome Declares Standardized Home Automation

Pepper Viner Homes will partner with Clare Controls to offer whole-home automation as a standard feature in its Stonebridge community outside Tucson, Ariz. More

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Modular Homes Put Efficiency to the Test

Test homes will compare three approaches to energy efficiency. More

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Sales Team Compensation: Are You Overpaying For Under Production?

Don’t pay salespeople for performance that doesn’t deliver stellar results, says... More

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Is It Time to Refresh Your Brand?

Is it time to refresh your brand? Use this case study as a guide for updating your company’s presence in the marketplace. More

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Company Culture

If you culture doesn’t line up with the strategy you’re promoting, your enterprise will never get ahead. Want fodder for the culture vs. strategy debate? Here you go. More

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Small, Local Companies Dominate the Home Building Industry

Many small, local companies are responsible for a large payroll within the home building industry More

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