Earlier this month, U-Haul released its annual Top 50 U.S. Destination Cities Report, ranking the top destinations movers renting a truck one-way traveled to in the 2013 calendar year.

Cities both large and small are taken into account when the ranking is put together, but U-Haul clearly states that "data is not stated as a percentage of population and is not reflective of overall growth."

For the fifth year running, Houston snagged the number one spot for one-way moving. This comes as no surprise—the Houston market has been a housing recovery hub supported by a powerful trifecta: job growth, limited resale inventory, and low mortgage rates. In the fourth quarter 2013, the market raced to its highest pace of new construction in the past six years  (6,141 new home starts), as well as the highest pace of annual home starts since 2007. Houston is truly a developer's dream, and master-planned communities are merely waiting to welcome new families with open arms.

But now that we've given the Lone Star state some love for being number one, let's get back to the matter at hand. We know how, and where American families moved their belongings across the country in 2013, but how did the new single-family housing market in the top 5 destination cities treat newcomers?

Using Metrostudy's portal, we've pulled annual closings and average closing prices of new homes in each of the top 5 destination cities from U-Haul's list (by MSA/County). Future forecast for 2014? I'm placing my bets on San Antonio to move further up the list.

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