big data and the internet, from Domo

Data may be on your side.

Data tells of pent-up demand. Demographic destiny. It speaks to strengthening consumer confidence. Jobs growth. Profits. Geographies where economic fundamentals are improving. Where the spread between who's building and who's buying offer the greatest opportunity.

Data reveals what is trendy in design, and what designers believe will be trendy tomorrow.

Data explodes myths, affirms realities, shows a path from here to there, where there is a win and here is on the sidelines, waiting for the playing field to tilt your way.

Instead, tilt it your way.

Sometimes, data wears a mask. We may focus on the data value that is "the most," when the rate of change in what is less than "the most" is more important. We may query of the numbers a helpful insight they do not offer us. Damned lies and statistics, was it Twain or Disraeli?

Data gives, and it can subtract, and it can, mathematically, lead to oblivion without our necessarily being aware, before you can say the word terabyte.

In real estate, housing, new home building and development, home construction, and company management, data is everywhere. Everything, every thing, is a field in a worksheet, capture-able, manipulable, measurable, and essentially usable as a model to see, to act, to win.

Redfin data on share of women who earn more than $100k in cities ranked.

Here's data. The rate of change in the percentage of women who earned more than $100,000 for 10 cities ranked is here.

Is this data on your side?

Does knowing the reality, the fact, the hard truth that a woman may be your millennial home buying decision-maker, the one for whom you're buying land, designing floor plans, making neighborhoods, creating security systems, developing finance options, and securing access and connectivity to outside resources and amusements, help?

Does the data alter what you see? How you behave? Where you lead your team? Hopefully, yes, it does. Then, data is on your side.

Here's data, too.

Harvard Business Review, what changed in 2015 for managers.

Is this data on your side? Does the data alter how you manage?  Does what it suggests cause new thought and lead to new action, action that seizes on an insight and creates a new opportunity to win?

Spreadsheet fields create a beautiful warp-speed image clouds of opportunity, missed opportunity, and renewed opportunity around us.

Data may be on your side in 2016. Let it be.