As intimidating as objections are when you speak with potential home buyers, the truth is that more conflict means more change. The exciting part about this is that it’s the best way to achieve resolution with the prospect, and when you view conflict as a win/win, and not a win/lose proposition, you immediately go from feeling weak to feeling strong. And that helps you sell more homes.

So often salespeople think of objections as criticism, and I’ve even seen some take a prospect’s objections personally, but objections are truly just feedback in disguise. The only reason you react to conflict with those anxious feelings is because you’ve been programmed to see conflict as a negative. You can combat these physiological reactions to objections by realizing that conflict isn’t a negative in the hands of a sales warrior who wants to improve their prospects’ lives. Productive conflict is absolutely the fastest way to close the sale, and the only time you should feel worried about objections is when you don’t hear any.

Conflict isn’t a battle between you and the prospect, it’s an internal struggle the prospect is going through on their own. They want to take the next step and make a purchase, but they’re going through an internal war. When you see it like this, you can truly view yourself as their vehicle for life improvement. You can help them win that internal battle they’re having with themselves by providing solutions. And best of all, it helps you truly understand where their frustration comes from. When it bubbles up to the surface in the form of indecision or confusion, it isn’t personal. It’s just part of their personal conflict that you can help them solve.

Remember, conflict never hinders you, it only strengthens you, but it’s up to you to make the choice to see it this way.

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