Construction tech provider HomeSphere has announced a new management structure for its organization, in which Greg Schawrzer, formerly HomeSphere’s chief revenue officer, will become president and chief operating officer of the company. Glenn Renner, who had previously held the president and CEO title, will retain his CEO and board member positions.

This new leadership structure completes a two-year product transition process, in which HomeSphere has moved from a tech-enabled services company to a software platform. Renner will focus on strategic and inorganic growth in his new role, while Schwarzer will oversee organic growth and day to day operations.

“Since 2017, we have been building a robust technology platform that has the potential to change the way the residential construction industry connects to and uses data,” says Glenn Renner. “Greg is the ideal person to lead us through the next stage. He has spent his distinguished 30-year career building technology and data companies with sound sales and operations techniques and a deep understanding of the systems and processes needed for growth.”

Schwarzer began his career among Silicon Valley’s tech companies, where he was an early developer of open-source web platforms and co-founder of Gnip, a social media data company, which became a high-performing revenue generator under his leadership. Twitter acquired Gnip in 2014, and he remained with Twitter for four years before moving to HomeSphere in 2018.

“In his time with HomeSphere, Greg has created a revenue organization architecture that will deliver increased value to our customers while scaling the overall business,” says Renner. “Working in tandem, we can truly lead the industry in technology adoption, creating innovative ways for manufacturers and residential builders to solve the unique challenges of homebuilding.”

In lieu of backfilling the chief revenue officer role, Renner and Schwarzer have closely aligned the development, sales and customer success departments, which will report to him, and created new processes to enhance HomeSphere’s sales operations efficiency.