The BUILDER KB ProjeKt Home in Henderson, Nevada is open for the Consumer Electronics Show.
The BUILDER KB ProjeKt Home in Henderson, Nevada is open for the Consumer Electronics Show.

Here's to one instance where what happens in Vegas won't stay in Vegas alone for long!

The number 1 predictor of our health, and certainly our well-being, is where we live. No doubt, where we live tomorrow, we will engage with our homes as an empowering partner in the health and prosperity of every household member.

In a sense, this has always been the purpose of houses and the technology in their structure and systems--to protect, to give sanctuary, to add to a state of peace of mind, to foster healthy habits and promote behaviors that extend and deepen the quality of our lives. In a sense, this is the "why" of millions of people who get up each day and work in home building, development, design, manufacturing, distribution, etc.

KB Home ProjeKt--unveiling this week as part of technology's annual CES conference, at Las Vegas-area's Inspirada masterplanned community--is an extraordinary stride toward wheretomorrowlives. Its genesis dates to conversation and mind-melding in late October 2015.

It took all of those 40 months--learning how to think differently about thinking different--for 30-plus partners to deliver up a home that pushes technologies and process to where any American family in the market for a new home could get access to one expressly designed with systems that help them sleep better, breathe air free of dangerous particulates, and drink water filtered of toxins.

It was a time and money commitment. Ultimately, it has been an investment--led by KB Home ceo Jeff Mezger and his executive team--for the home building community. Just as energy efficient and smart homes increasingly have become standard practice in home design and construction, advanced health and well-being functionality is the next phenomenon buyers will insist on #wheretomorrowlives.

Three plus years later, it’s both a beauty to behold and a project its partners have given an abundance of their love. One from the heart.

Outwardly, it’s a beauty to behold, in the way it looks, and the way it works, in what we all see here, and what a future homeowner will experience as what we mean by where tomorrow lives, for its adaptability, its responsiveness, its automation, and its simple flow indoors and out.

This house imagines and maps its technological DNA to how homeowners--she, he, they-- engage in an empowered, friction-free, evolving and agile way with their own and their family’s health and well-being at home.

But equally important to architects, to manufacturers, to the building trades, to home building firms, and to investment and development stakeholders are aspects that go deeper.

The beauty to behold is really among the people partnering in this ProjeKt who regard it as their business, as their purpose and mission to make homes better and more attainable for people. That’s the beauty.

Demands and expectations of this ProJeKt forced 30-plus partners, including Hanley Wood, to focus on a “you,” a customer who really really needs where tomorrow lives, and needs to be able to use hard-earned wages and resources to live there.

Partners in the ProjeKt transformed several dozen individuals and interests into a cohesive “we.”

This is what I love most about KB ProjeKt—where one of us ends, another begins, here in this kinetically engaging habitat, behind its walls, behind the construction, the design, the engineering, the business model, the idea, and behind and bigger than each one of us ... our loved ones and friends and support network.

I love what we do, what we can do, and what we will continue to do where tomorrow lives. No other business community is so motivated, impassioned, and relentlessly focused on taking the world's most advanced technologies to improve human life and empowering working people to gain access to them in their homes.

We're honored to be part of the KB Home #wheretomorrowlives ProjeKt. It's the start of a journey for home building, design, development, construction, and investment.