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Denver, Aurora, CO

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Denver, CO Local News

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    Inside Real Estate News' John Rebchook spotlights Brookfield Residential, which is now venturing west with its "Home Evolved" concept of constructing green homes. Brookfield homes are now on sale in Solterra in Lakewood, about 20 minutes west of downtown Denver.

  • Regulators Ponder the Value of Rooftop Solar Power

    Denver Business Journal staffer Cathy Proctor reports that Colorado's biggest utility Xcel Energy says it's paying too much for rooftop-based solar power, while others say it has lowballed the renewable energy source.

  • Create Modern Houses With Widespread Appeal

    Architect Steve James shows how to design modern homes with less edge, to attract a wider market segment.

Prices of New Homes Climb in Denver, Sales Fall According to Freshest Data

Posted on: Apr 06, 2014 07:11:08 AM

New home closings in the Denver, CO market slid year-over-year in January, moving downward after a bump in December 2013. New home closings saw a 15.1% drop from a year earlier to 287. This was after the housing market saw a 2.9% rise year-over-year in December.

A total of 5,480 new homes were sold during the 12 months that ended in January, down from 5,531 for the year that ended in December.

As a percentage of overall housing closings, new home closings represented 8.3% of overall housing closings. A year ago, new home closings accounted for 9.1%. Following a year-over-year increase in December, closings of new and existing homes dropped year-over-year in January.

Pricing and Mortgage Trends

The average per-unit price of newly sold homes gained year-over-year to $395,709 in January, up 1.2% from last year. This bump is smaller than the 9.0% hike in December year-over-year.

Average mortgage size on new homes saw a fall year-over-year in contrast to prices of new homes. It declined 2.5% in January from a year earlier to $312,232. In December 2013, average mortgage size on newly sold homes saw a 10.1% bump year-over-year from a year earlier.


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