Pella’s 350 Singe Hung windows in Black.
Pella’s 350 Singe Hung windows in Black.

Pella has introduced nine new exterior colors for its 250 Series and 350 Series windows and patio doors. DuraColor Tan, Poplar White, Fossil, Hartford Green, Morning Sky Gray, Black, Brick Red, and Portobello are now available alongside the existing Almond, White, and Brown color options.

“Homeowners and builders now have more style and design flexibility with the introduction of these new colors,” says Duane Putz, Product Manager with Pella. “The new color palette was added based on feedback directly from customers regarding changing design needs.”

Each color option consists of a white interior and color exterior (with the exception of White and Almond, which are available as a solid color the interior and exterior). The DuraColor paint process provides consistent color quality in any climate, from extreme heat to extreme cold, and its finish exceeds industry standards of fade resistance. Pella’s 250 and 350 Series windows and doors are covered under the DuraColor Exterior Paint Limited Warranty.

“The new colors also carry over to the most popular grille options, Simulated-Divided-Light Grilles, and ¾ inch contour Grilles-Between-the-Glass (GBG),” added Putz. “Want a Black frame on the outside with White grilles? We can do that with the GBG. Or maybe a Hartford Green outer frame with Tan grilles is more fitting with your design. We can do that too.”

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