Marvin window in suede
Marvin Marvin window in suede

Proving that one of this year’s top design trends is more than just a fad, the availability of darker interior finishes has now spread to window and door cladding.

Marvin Windows and Doors recently introduced four darker colors for its windows and doors: suede, gunmetal, clay, and bronze. The new hues will help accommodate customers’ preferences for ebony and dark gray home exteriors and dark interior stains, says the firm.

In creating the new colors, Marvin took inventory of every custom color developed over the past four years to identify customer demand trends. The new colors, modeled on stones found near the company’s Minnesota headquarters, will match the raw materials used in modern and contemporary building projects, says the firm.

Taking the trend a step further, some customers are opting to paint the interior of their windows a dark custom color to match their fixtures and cabinetry, company officials say.

The look builds on similar consumer trends in kitchen and bath finishes, appliances, and even closet systems.