Hydraulic and industrial hose service specialist PIRTEK is introducing two new types of protective work gloves in cooperation with workwear maker HexArmor. The PIRTEK 2121P and 2125P Hex1 Series gloves will be available from PIRTEK’s Mobile Service Vehicles and Service & Supply Centers across the United States.

The PIRTEK 2121P Hex1 Series gloves are made to provide protection and a high degree of dexterity for mechanics and other workers with a high risk of hand injuries. They are made to be easy to put on and remove, and offer a strong grip on dry or light-oil surfaces.

“These are an excellent choice for a person who wants some impact protection and a solid grip, but is working on lighter-duty projects,” says Jamie Vokes, franchise training and support manager for PIRTEK. “They have a great look and feel, and provide plenty of comfort – ideal for a lot of mechanics out there.”

The 2125P Hex1 Series glove also offers a strong grip, but is more suited to heavy-duty situations, with protective plastic on the back of the hand to shield against tool slip. The glove has a leather palm made of goatskin, with reinforced stitching.

“People who use tools on equipment know all too well what it’s like to turn a wrench forcefully and then bang up their knuckles when it slips off,” says Vokes. “This glove addresses the problem very effectively.” pirtekusa.com

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