When a hurricane or severe storm hits, a home’s windows and doors are often its last lines of defense against wind, water, or projectile damage - and the durability of these windows and doors can mean the difference between an intact home and a pile of wet splinters. After the catastrophe of last year's hurricane season, both local and major manufacturers have developed and expanded their hurricane-rated options for all levels of storm and hurricane risk – some as standard and others as added levels of protection.

Many are listed as “Miami-Dade certified,” or approved under the country’s strictest standards for use in Florida’s High Velocity Hurricane Zones (HVHZ), which cover Miami-Dade County and Broward County. The following cover a mix of options for hurricane-ready homes, including Miami-Dade certified products, products in testing, and products that meet other regional standards:

LiftMaster null


As a mandatory two-point garage door locking system, the Liftmaster Automatic Garage Door Lock has been approved to meet hurricane-ready requirements throughout the U.S., except in Miami-Dade County. When two Automatic Garage Door Locks are used with LiftMaster Garage Door Opener models 8500W, 8550W (pictured), 8587W and 8360W manufactured after August 2017, the locks reinforce the garage door automatically once it is closed. The locks may be controlled through the myQ smart home system, allowing users to open or close their garage door from anywhere in the world. liftmaster.com

MATERIA Collection

Oikos, an Italian security door company represented in the U.S. by MATERIA Collection, offers two types of impact resistant doors: Oikos Tekno, which swings outward on a concealed hinge, and Oikos Synua, pictured, which swings inward on a pivot hinge.

Both Oikos Tekno and Synua are Miami-Dade certified and UL fire-rated for 120 minutes. The doors are available in a number of finishes, including ceramic, glass, wood, steel, and lacquer, and may be installed with an electronic smart lock. Matching wall paneling is available for the surrounding walls. materiacollection.com

NanaWall Systems

The NanaWall SL73 is designed to meet and exceed Miami-Data AAMA certification requirements through the use of reinforced structural posts, or astragals, on each panel side. The glass walls are built to pivot on either side of these vertical posts, providing resistance against high winds and water. The floor-supported hanging system provides extra stability against hurricane-force winds, while raised sills prevent static and dynamic water penetration and provide added resistance against high-pressure wind. The glass wall has achieved high scores in wind, water and debris resistance at the ground level and at up to 15 stories. nanawall.com

Sierra Pacific Windows

The H3 FeelSafe Casement & Double Hung Windows combine the H3 line’s integrated vinyl, wood, and extruded aluminum construction with the FeelSafe platform’s storm and impact resistant glass. The windows feature a PG +50/-60 Zone III rating, with a selection of insulated FeelSafe impact glazing types. Over 70 exterior finish colors are available in an optional AAMA 2605 powder coat finish, as well as a standard AAMA 2606 powder coat finish.

Each of the FeelSafe products is certified to withstand up to Zone III or IV hurricane-force winds and water, depending on the product. sierrapacificwindows.com


The Sky-Frame Classic multitrack sliding door and window system consists of a limitless number of frameless glass panels fitted flush with the surrounding floor and ceiling on an aluminum track. The glass panels are available single, double, or triple-glazed, and the system is available either motorized or manually operated, with a number of opening configurations.

Sky-Frame’s double- and triple-glazed insulating glass panels are currently undergoing final hurricane impact testing in compliance with Dade County hurricane impact standards. Both glass options are certified for small and large missile impacts (TAS 201/202/203). sky-frame.com

Harvey Building Products

Vigilance Vinyl Double Hung Windows are specifically designed to meet coastal building code standards for storm resistance, as well as protection against wind-borne debris. In addition to double-strength ENERGY STAR glazing, the new construction windows feature a DP55-120 mph impact rating, a STC 34 rating for noise reduction, a 9.20 psf water resistance rating, a 97.81 psf structural pressure rating, .10 cfm/sq. ft. of air infiltration, and a structural rating of H-R65.

The windows are available in 28 exterior colors, or with a woodgrain finish, in either a colonial or prairie-style grid. Casement, awning and picture styles are also available. harveybp.com



The Sparta window line offers homeowners at risk of storm damage an option for value-custom, impact-resistant windows at an affordable price.

The windows are available in white or bronze finishes, with a choice of five glass hues. Style options include a single-hung window, a horizontal rolling window, a fixed window, and a designer fixed window available in five shapes - half circle, eyebrow, half eyebrow, arch, half arch and trapezoid. All are able to withstand design pressures of up to +55/-65 PSF. cgiwindows.com

Weather Shield

WeatherShield’s Premium Coastal Series encompasses aluminum-clad wood casement, awning, double-hung, and special shape direct set windows, as well as a hinged patio door. The full Premium Coastal line is certified by the Window and Door Manufacturers Association, and independently tested with ASTM E1886 and/or TAS (201, 202, 203) protocols. All except the double-hung window are approved for use in High Velocity Hurricane Zones. Each product is available in a wide variety of interior woods and stains, exterior finishes, exterior trims, and glass/glazing options. weathershield.com


The Marvin Ultimate Double Hung Next Generation features a more intuitive operation scheme and an easier installation process than previous Ultimate Double Hung windows. The window now locks at the center of the check rail, instead of the center of each jamb, and the jamb assembly receivers allow screws or jambs to pass through. An automatic locking system locks the window in place as soon as it is closed. The window is available in IMPACT IZ3 certified coastal options, and is LC-PG50 and DP50 certified at most sizes. marvin.com

MI Windows and Doors

A wide variety of vinyl and aluminum MI Windows and Doors are available with the impact-resistant StormArmor product enhancement, including both vinyl and aluminum sliding glass doors, single-hung and single-slider windows, casement windows, and an aluminum picture window. StormArmor products are fitted with impact-resistant, low-E glass, tested at MI’s AAMA-certified in-house testing wall to withstand impact from projectiles at over 35 miles per hour. The 100 Series sliding aluminum glass door, pictured here, features an advanced roller system with an optional extended sill leg. miwindows.com

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