Disaster Resistant Building

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Onx Homes' New X+ Construction Systems Factory Can Produce Four Homes Daily

The new facility in Pompano Beach, Florida, has the ability to build over 1,200... More

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This Resilient Building System Stacks Like Real-Life Legos

As natural disasters worsen, RENCO USA’s ‘Lego-like’ buildings could lessen... More

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California, Colorado, and Texas Lead the Nation in At-Risk Homes for Wildfires

CoreLogic's 2023 Wildfire Risk Report quantifies the magnitude of wildfire risk... More

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Q+A With Onx Homes on Building Hurricane-Resistant, Prefab Homes in 60 Days or Less

Ravi Bhat, chief operating officer at Onx, gives a peek into the company, the... More

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Babcock Ranch Keeps Power and Sustains Minimal Damage Through Hurricane Ian

Built to better endure the changing climate, Hurricane Ian put the 100% solar... More

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Fireproofing Homes Isn't Very Expensive

Although many Western states lack required wildfire-resistant building codes, a... More

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Thrive Home Builders' Gene Myers Reflects on Colorado's Marshall Fire

As natural disasters continue to intensify, builders must prioritize resiliency,... More

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IBHS FORTIFIED Program Expands to Include Multifamily Communities

The launch is part of a new IBHS commitment to help make resilient homes available... More

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Strategies for Navigating Natural Disasters, Extreme Weather

With adverse weather events increasing, builder preparedness is more important... More

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