Courtesy Onx Homes

Tech-forward home builder Onx Homes announced the launch of its new X+ Construction Systems Factory in Pompano Beach, Florida.

The 150,000-square-foot factory, which cost about $50 million to construct, has the capacity to build four homes daily for communities throughout Florida.

“The X+ Construction Systems Factory launch is the linchpin to our future progress,” says Onx CEO and co-founder Ash Bhardwaj. “It brings together our proprietary technology and showcases our proven ability to use X+ Construction to deliver resilient homes with speed and drive lower ownership costs to new homeowners. We believe technology is the solution to solving the ongoing housing shortage, the impact of natural disasters on homes, and the growing cost of homeownership.”

The quality of the homes, combined with their energy efficiency, means homeowners have 50% to 60% lower lifetime ownership costs, according to Onx. Meanwhile, the builder also hopes to address the housing inventory shortage by using X+ Construction to accelerate the building process to build a new home in just 30 days.

Since starting operations in April 2021, Onx has delivered over 500 homes and is set to deliver over 700 homes this year, according to the company. Today, the builder has 12 communities of single-family homes and townhouses located throughout Miami-Dade County, Southwest Florida, and Central Florida, which the X+ Construction Systems Factory will continue to supply.

“With the launch of the Pompano X+ Construction Systems Factory, we are on track to becoming the fastest-growing builder in North America, leveraging technology to build the most energy-efficient homes that are also responsive to climate change,” adds Bhardwaj. “Through this facility, we are able to build over 1,200 homes annually. We are taking this model to four new markets: Texas, California, Arizona, and Nevada.”

The builder has already broken ground on a 1,000-home community, On Rockin Wilco, in Texas and is in the advanced stages of launching another factory in Georgetown, Texas.

The factories produce light-gauge steel roof systems, monolithic low-carbon concrete, and reinforced steel dual-layer wall panels with built-in insulation that can resist 175 mph wind loads.

“The technology that Onx has harnessed to make this possible will transform the construction home industry,” says Rex Hardin, mayor of Pompano Beach. “We are proud that Onx has selected our community to launch this state-of-the-art facility.”

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