Panasonic Eco Solutions North America’s new EZ Soffit Vent, the only Home Ventilating Institute (HVI) certified vent termination system that allows contractors to complete all ducting work before the soffit needs to be installed. This allows the contractor to avoid excess or compressed duct work, and allows for higher fan performance, lower callback rates, and increased energy efficiency in the home. It is the latest extension of Panasonic Ventilation’s Indoor Air Quality focused product lines.

The EZ soffit vent is easy to install and provides optimal airflow at a lower installed cost. Its low-resistance back-damper eliminates drafts in the home and improves blower door test results. The grille can be rotated 180 degrees to align discharge with ductwork.

“The Soffit EZ Vent is rigorously designed with contractors in mind to decrease callbacks caused by common installation issues that can negatively affect a project’s profitability,” says Patricia Monks, Na-tional Marketing Manager, Panasonic Eco Solutions North America. “Using feedback from our custom-ers and recognizing the top challenges they face, Panasonic is able to develop and deliver innovative solutions that enhance productivity and performance of a whole ventilation system. The EZ Soffit Vent is a welcomed addition to our high performance ventilation system offerings.”

The EZ Soffit Vent is less than 6”, and fits inside a 12” soffit and 1/12 pitch roof overhang with 2x6 fascia board. The dust connection stub measures 2.25”. It is ideal for ventilation fans up to 110 CFM, with 4” ductwork. The termination grille mounts flush with the ceiling with a single included fastener.