Phyn is set to expand its existing water monitor lineup with the Phyn Smart Water Assistant, which will provide full-home water system monitoring and smart home integration services for homeowners starting in late September.

The system’s water monitor installs under any sink in the home, and incorporates water pressure sensors that attach to the sink’s hot and cold water lines. Through this connection, the monitor measures and analyzes the microscopic water pressure changes across the whole home 240 times per second. Over time, Phyn can use this information to learn the home’s water system and use patterns, and share that information with homeowners down to each water fixture through the Phyn smart app.

On top of monitoring everyday use, Phyn’s sensors can track and identify excess water use in the home, and sends mobile notification use alerts in the event of a leak of any size, or ice crystal formation in pipes. Homeowners can also use the Phyn’s Plumbing Check feature to detect hidden flaws in their plumbing system, such as pinhole leaks and faulty seals.

"At Phyn, we're passionate about protecting homes from leak damage and providing tools to enable conservation. The Phyn Smart Water Assistant represents an innovative breakthrough that is designed, packaged and priced to help homeowners understand, appreciate and control their water better," says Ryan Kim, CEO of Phyn. "The Smart Water Assistant pairs sophisticated, industry-leading sensor and AI technology with a consumer friendly design that allows for self-installation, making enhanced everyday experiences with water accessible to everyone."

The Phyn Smart Water Assistant works with Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT systems. It will be available starting in late September, and retails for $299. No additional subscription is required for smart home features.

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