Phyn’s portfolio of smart water assistant products will now include the XL series, recently announced at CES 2020. The Phyn XL 1.5-inch and Phyn XL 2-inch are designed for use in larger homes, new construction, and large commercial properties with supply lines up to two inches wide.

The new models are built on the existing Phyn Plus and its functions, including leak detection, water monitoring, and whole-home system machine learning. Phyn systems monitor microscopic changes in a home’s water pressure in order to identify leaks and plumbing issues, as well as monitor water use and make recommendations for water efficiency.

"Today, water conservation and sustainability are a growing concern for everyone, especially property owners as it can directly impact budgets and bottom lines," says Ryan Kim, CEO of Phyn. “At Phyn, we are on a mission to provide simple, intuitive tools that protect every type of property against water damage. The addition of Phyn XL 1.5” and XL 2” to our existing product line are a clear next step in our company’s dedication to providing best-in-class products for anyone who proactively seeks to monitor their water consumption and protect their investment.”

All of Phyn’s products, including the DIY Phyn Smart Water Assistant and the professionally-installed Phyn Plus, connect to the free Phyn smart device app and the web-based Phyn Dashboard. The Phyn Dashboard allows users to monitor and manage Phyn devices across multiple properties, envisioned for use by property and asset managers, builders, utilities, and homeowners’ associations.

The Phyn XL models offer both Ethernet and Wi-Fi connections for user flexibility. Both models will be available in the second half of 2020, with the option to purchase with or without an integrated shutoff valve.

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