Smart home tech company Pani has introduced its flagship product, the Pani Smart Water Monitor, which provides homeowners with real-time water usage data, monitoring, and leak alerts on a fixture-by-fixture basis.

According to Scott Shumate, Pani’s VP of engineering, the Pani system may be installed directly on or near a fixture – including just behind showerheads or between sections of pipe - in minutes without professional help. Once installed, the system(s) track water usage down to the minute at the fixture level, identifies miniscule leaks, and communicates with the free Pani app to provide this information to homeowners, along with coaching for home water conservation.

“Through our Pani mobile app, one of our customers was alerted of a toilet flap leak within minutes,” Shumate says. “Another user was able to identify that her showerhead utilized vastly more water than advertised at 2.3 gallons per minute, averaging more than 35 gallons of water per shower.”

Pani’s website also features an estimator tool to help customers determine how many monitors they need for the whole home, based on square footage, household size, and number of fixtures, before purchase

“Our mission is to help every home around the world have access to safe, clean water. To do this, we need to first generate awareness of how we use water,” said Allen Tsai, founder and CEO of Pani. “Our research shows that 53% of smart home gadget owners are looking for products to help them better understand their utilities, but only 3% of them own any gadgets in this category. Pani’s Smart Water Monitor offers consumers an easy, self-installation product with real-time monitoring for all fixtures – it’s the Nest or Fitbit of water usage.”

Each Pani monitor retails at $69.99. A portion of Pani’s profits are donated to water charities worldwide.