Awair’s updated Omni intelligent air quality monitoring system now features tracking systems for a given property’s light (lux) and noise (dBA) levels. According to the manufacturer, this enables building owners, managers, Realtors and other professionals to take greater environmental control and optimize tenant wellness in their properties.

According to a study from Cornell University, excessive noise can have a negative effect on reading comprehension and memory tasks, and can lead to lower job satisfaction and a rise in illness. In a similar vein, the American Society of Interior Designers reports that the quality and temperature of a building’s lighting can affect the circadian rhythms of its tenants.

“Awair is focused on empowering people and businesses to take control of their indoor environments. With light and noise tracking, Omni is giving building managers the knowledge they need to make sure they are providing the best possible living or working space,” says Ronald Ro, CEO of Awair.

The Omni unit’s enterprise-grade sensors track a given space’s air quality through a measure of temperature, humidity, CO2, chemicals, and fine dust in the air. Using this data, Omni provides its users with actionable wellness insights for building managers.

The monitor is RESNET certified for use in achieving WELL or LEED building certifications.