The 1.25-inch Flo by Moen device.
Flo by Moen The 1.25-inch Flo by Moen device.

Flo Technologies has introduced a new 1.25-inch edition of its original Flo by Moen device, made for use in structures with 1.25-inch water pipes, including larger homes or small businesses.

Much like the standard Flo by Moen device, which is designed for use with homes with .75-inch water pipes, the 1.25-inch devices attach to a home or business’s main water line to monitor water pressure, flow rate, and temperature. The Flo’s AI learning system allows it to learn a home’s usual water use habits, distinguish normal from abnormal use, and detect micro-leaks and vulnerabilities in the whole system.

If the Flo device detects an issue in the water system, such as a potential leak, it can alert the homeowner through the free Flo by Moen app, allowing them to remotely turn off the water or contact customer support. Homeowners and other system users can monitor and control their home water systems through the app at any time, and can set the Flo device to automatically shut off the home water system if a leak is detected.

According to Flo Technologies, Flo by Moen devices have already saved over 10 million gallons of water by alerting home and business owners to potential leaks. With the addition of the 1.25-inch device, Flo by Moen products can protect 99% of homes in the U.S. from water leaks and damage.

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