Brookfield Residential DC, a subsidiary of home building company Brookfield Residential Properties, unveiled its new concept for a fully voice-automated smart home at Amazon's AWS re:Invent 2016 conference earlier this month.

The Smart Home powered by Amazon Alexa will be fully integrated with Amazon's popular Alexa voice assistant, who powers the company's Echo home automation system. The Brookfield Residential Smart Home will be able to respond to a series of voice commands that allow home owners to check security cameras, lock and unlock doors, turn lights on and off, raise blinds and shades, water the lawn, preheat the oven, change the thermostat, and more. The home will also feature a number of custom skills.

The Brookfield Residential Smart Home is located in the Avendale community in Northern Virginia.

"The best part about The Brookfield Residential Smart Home is that it will adapt as new technology appears," said division president Robert Hubbell in a release. "If the home buyer wants to incorporate the latest device in the months and years ahead, the home will immediately recognize it. This was important to us to ensure that the home stays on the leading edge of technology."