Tommy Beadel
Courtesy Thomas James Homes Tommy Beadel

From automated light controls to air purifiers, smart home products evolve quickly. We asked a few builders to reveal their top tech picks for new homes.

Thomas James Homes: Brilliant
“Thomas James Homes has made a concerted investment in technology within all our homes. As Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and high-speed internet are all easily accessed in the neighborhoods in which we build, the increased availability of smart appliances has made smart home technology integration necessary. However, many consumers today use a diverse suite of products from various manufacturers—such as a Ring doorbell camera, Amazon Alexa, and interior lighting control options—all of which can make connectivity and communication challenging. To make home buyers’ lives easier and meet trending consumer demands, Thomas James Homes has, for three years, partnered with Brilliant to build-in a smart home control system that connects and coordinates all smart home solutions through a single, universal access point. Home buyers do not have to be brand agnostic and can continue to use and control all smart appliances through control panels located in the home or from their mobile device.” —Tommy Beadel, co-founder and CEO, Thomas James Homes


Fieldstone Homes: Moen Smart Faucet
“Smart home products are newer to the production home building industry, but they are quickly changing the functionality of the home. One of those products is Moen’s smart kitchen faucet, which is available in a variety of styles and finishes to complement any design. Not only are you able to turn on the faucet without touching it, but you can tell your smart faucet exactly how much water and what temperature you want the water to be set at. You can have accurate measurements for cooking or have the perfect temperature for a baby bottle (no more microwave). Now a faucet can be both beautiful and innovative and improve the functionality of your day-to-day life in the home.” —Jordan Law, design studio manager, Fieldstone Homes

Qolsys IQ Panel 4+

J. Patrick Homes: Qolsys IQ Panel 4+
“We love our smart security system, Qolsys IQ Panel 4+, controlled via the app. It gives our homeowners the ability to control their 24/7 monitored alarm system with an easy-to-use app. You can arm and disarm with the touch of a button. There is even the ability to press panic alarms to send the police or fire department to your home—all from your phone.” —Tim Drone, president, J. Patrick Homes


Iron Oak Homes: Orro Smart Living System
“We came across the Orro Smart Living System at this year’s International Builders’ Show and reached out to our integrator to see what they thought of adding the system to our plans. Orro was a no-brainer for us because of its enhanced automated lighting features combined with smart home controls. We think Orro makes our homes more attractive and better connected.” —Mike Koseki, director of planning, Iron Oak Homes