Fortifiber's L7 flashing comes pre-sized in convenient L shapes to more easily address and protect through-wall penetrations around electrical boxes, vents, and elsewhere. The advanced butyl adhesive material features a coated woven facer, and is designed to adhere securely well outside the temperature range where other self-adhesive materials may fail. Application temperatures range from 25 to 125 degrees F, and service temperatures range from -40 to 250 degrees F. L7 flashing easily integrates with other water-resistive barrier and flashing products, and can be used as a system with other Fortifiber products, such as Moistop flashing and sealants. In such applications, the maker suggests using the WRB as a bib beneath the utility box or other penetration, followed by a bead of sealant, and finished off with L7.

L7 strips measure nine inches on each side with 3-inch-wide legs, and are packaged in 50-count bags. Fortifiber | 800.773.4777 |

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