VaproShield has announced the launch of its newest roof membrane underlayment system, the SlopeShield Plus Self-Adhered.

The highly vapor-permeable roofing underlayment Air Barrier material features VaproShield’s pending Vapor Permeable Polymer Composite Technology, or VPCCT. The polymer and polyester surface allows for vapor diffusion, which works to eliminate the “concussion effect” of heavy rain and foot traffic during construction. All told, the underlayment will stand up to six months of UV and climate exposure.

According to the manufacturer, the product was created in response to existing demand for high-performance and permeable underlayments. If an underlayment traps moisture, the manufacturer says, it could reduce the performance of the home’s insulation and speed the roof sheathing’s decay process.

"VPPCT combines advanced polymer coatings and our proprietary adhesive to create a primerless, highly-permeable, and fully-adhered [roofing] underlayment that is revolutionary to the industry. The black color also absorbs heat from the sun (while exposed), which increases the drying process of wet sheathing and insulation," says Kevin Nolan, technical director of North America. "Every part of SlopeShield Plus, including the color, was intentional."

The SlopeShield Plus Self-Adhered underlayment is compatible with metal roofing, slate/clay tile with batten or counter-batten substructures, and cedar shingles/shakes with VaproShield’s VaproMat. It is designed for use on steep slope roofs of 2:12 or greater pitch.