Jeff Click, owner of Jeff Click Homes in Oklahoma City, is a bit more tech-savvy than most homebuilders—or most people, for that matter: he’s a former software developer. But the ModReg app he created for the iPad is both clever and accessible to anyone who’s reasonably handy with programming skills or who has access to someone who does. 

ModReg (short for Model Home Registration) is a sales follow-up tool. Visitors to Click’s sales office have their contact information entered by a salesperson into the app, which also links on the same page to available homes and floor plans. Prospects pick the ones they’re interested in and the app generates a mobile-formatted email to them that includes info on the homes they were interested in along with mapped links to those homes. The app also automatically updates home information on Click’s website and sends out an automated follow-up email advising prospects to those changes. 

"About 90% of our visitors have smartphones, so it’s a great fit," says Click, who adds that while he conceptualized the app, he turned over its development to his in-house software guru, who he met when the recent college grad was working at Starbucks. "Lots of off-the-shelf software solutions are great, but they can’t all do everything you want. I counsel builders who want custom-tailored apps to go hire a college kid—they have the know-how and need the work, and you both benefit."

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