Auto FocusAuto Focus

New York Times columnist Claire Cain Miller looks at the ongoing real-world travails of Airbnb and Uber, two tech-based services where the algorithms and the rhythms of life in the streets may be out of sync. Read more

Mobile Apps: Home Depot Pro

Check store inventory and purchase materials for same-day pickup with this app from Home Depot. Read more

Mobile Apps: TimberTech Deck GuideMobile Apps: TimberTech Deck Guide

Turn your tablet into a selling platform using this app's photo-realistic visualizer. Read more

Apps to be good: job site math adds up

Ditch your handheld calculator for one of these mobile apps for all of your jobsite calculations. Read more

BUILDER Tech Tip: 4 Apps for the Virtual Tool Belt

Our phones have more processing power than desktop PCs did a few years ago. As a result, builders are ditching their tool belts and downloading some of the most powerful tools on their devices. Read more

7 apps that let you talk to your home7 apps that let you talk to your home

Smartphones are being synced with everything from thermostats to coffee makers... Read more

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Mobile Apps: Hunter PanelsMobile Apps: Hunter Panels

Hunter's Xci polyiso roof insulation panels can be combined into various... Read more

Mobile Apps: DuPontMobile Apps: DuPont

Browse DuPont’s inventory of Corian-brand solid surfaces and Zodiaq-brand quartz... Read more

Mobile Apps: DesignEasyMobile Apps: DesignEasy

Determine allowable joist and rafter spans for most major species of... Read more

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