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6 Environmentally Friendly Products for Earth Day

From tiles made from 100% recycled waste materials to water-saving faucets,... More

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New Products, Materials, and Technologies From the reNEWable Living Home

These 18 features were chosen for their comfort, functionality, and energy... More

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A House That’s the Autonomous Car of the Future

Meritage Homes brings its "Life. Built. Better." concept to reality with the... More

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Managing the Home With Technology

The reNEWable Living Home manages every aspect of the home with these apps. More

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New Technologies on Display in the reNEWable Living Home

Some of the concept home's sponsors have created new, improved product solutions... More

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The Expansive Role of Purchasing Beyond Cost

Meritage Homes’ purchasing department shares how it performs and the success... More

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Integrating HVAC Gets Easier

When builders put together home automation systems for their customers, HVAC is rarely on the list. Most builders are more than comfortable installing traditional energy-efficient, set-back thermostats and don't have any intention of changing until more customers start asking for automated HVAC. More

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