Meritage Homes, a top 10 national home building enterprise that builds in currently in eight states, will announce in the next couple of days a major national sourcing agreement with SunPower to provide solar in its new homes.

BUILDER PULSE learned of the agreement at the National Association of Home Builders International Builders Show in Las Vegas, getting underway Feb. 2.

The deal is noteworthy, especially in the wake of last week's announcement by SolarCity that it will partner with Taylor Morrison Homes as solar provider in a number of Phoenix area communities. It means that two companies, SunPower and SolarCity, are in a heated rivalry to sign home builders for their rapidly growing home solar programs.

We hear that the reason Meritage has leaned toward SunPower in for its national new-home solar program is that SunPower's marketing, sales, and training force will make itself available alongside Meritage's home sales associates to answer prospective home buyers questions and challenges regarding solar systems and their benefits.

"We've found that our own sales associates have so much to address as it is and the technical knowledge on the solar side is beyond many of them," said an executive with knowledge of the deal. "Having SunPower involved in the sales process, explaining the technical deals and answering questions is going to be an increasingly important dimension of the sales process."

We'll have updates and further details on this deal as they emerge.

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